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    really brings it all back home in a powerful way


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    really brings it all back home in a powerful way

    Post  l0ve0fevil on Fri 08 Apr 2011, 10:26 pm

    I just got to talk to one of my oldest friends on Facebook... he was one of my groomsmen in my wedding, and I've known him for getting close to 20 years now. He's in the Army and has been in Talibanistan for the last 7 weeks... with no idea when he's going to be able to leave again... they were told 12 months, or 15, or more. He already served a 15 month deployment in Iraq before spending a year at Ft. Hood and a year in Germany. He was also telling me that some of the guys that he's there with are on their 4th and 5th deployments to Afghanistan alone.

    I had a lot of friends that went in the military after high school, but most of them were 4 years in the Air Force and then done... a few stayed in for 6. He's the only one that's been in long-term, on his second enlistment now and this one doesn't expire until 2014.

    Really brings it back home for me. He's saying that he figures he'll get a little time back home before being shipped out again before the end of this enlistment... depending on where we're at with Iraq/Afghanistan at that point. Just a real cold dose of reality of what it's like for those of you in the military, especially those that have been in Iraq or Afghanistan. You're certainly all better men than I could ever hope to be.

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