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    Owner of Amazing-Pkz

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    Donation Shop

    Post  nightmare on Sun 11 Jul 2010, 1:22 pm


    Armadyl GodSword: $10
    Bandos GodSword: $8
    Saradomin GodSword: $8
    Zamorak GodSword: $8

    Other Weapons

    Saradomin Sword: $5
    Dragon Claws: $20
    Dark Bow: $5

    Spirit Shields

    Elysian Spirit Shield: $12
    Divine Spirit Shield: $20
    Spectral Spirit Shield: $8
    Arcane Spirit Shield: $10


    Full Dharok's: $8
    Full Verac's: $6
    Full Torag's: $6
    Full Karil's: $4
    Full Ahrim's: $8

    Other Armour

    All PvP Armour: $12 each set
    Dragon Platebody: $15
    Dragon Full Helm: $10
    Fighter Torso: $8
    Full Void: $30

    God wars Equipment

    Full Bandos: $10
    Full Armadyl: $10
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    All star

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    Re: Donation Shop

    Post  l0ve0fevil on Wed 20 Apr 2011, 10:56 pm

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