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    U.S. Prepared to Sell F-35 to India, Military Leaders Defend F-35B

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    U.S. Prepared to Sell F-35 to India, Military Leaders Defend F-35B

    Post  hurricanemaxi on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 5:34 pm

    The F-35 program is finally moving along with a head of steam even though it is years behind schedule thanks to delays and problems. The aircraft is finally ahead of its schedule for this year though and is moving along well with all versions of the fighter including the most trouble prone F-35B STOVL jet.

    Washington has now announced that it is prepared to sell the F-35 fighter to India. According to the Pentagon, India is a vital partner in the F-35 program and the U.S. government wants to improve cooperation with India including joint exercises and arms sales such as the F-35.

    India is also looking at other aircraft to meet the needs of its military. The first round of bidding for aircraft for India included the Dassault from France and the Eurofighter. The U.S. offered F-16 and F-18 jets, but India rejected the offer.

    "Despite this setback, we believe U.S. aircraft, such as the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), to be the best in the world," said the Pentagon report, referring to the radar-evading F-35 jet. "Should India indicate interest in the JSF, the United States would be prepared to provide information on the JSF and its requirements ... to support India's future planning."

    Improvements on relationship between the U.S. and India are a priority with the increasing military strength in China. The American version of the F-35 won’t be ready for our military until 2014 and beyond barring any additional setbacks.

    While the F-35 is ahead of schedule for flight tests in 2011, the delays and costs of the program are causing a call by some in Washington to end the program. Military leaders, however, continue to defend the F-35. Military leaders have said that eliminating the F-35B STOVL would severely and irrevocably damage the U.S. Marines STOVL capability.

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