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    This hurts!


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    This hurts!

    Post  l0ve0fevil on Fri 08 Apr 2011, 10:30 pm

    So last night I totally biffed it while trying to walk up some really steep cement. I knew my flip flops wouldn't like it lol. It beat up my arm quite a bit. Well, anyways, today it is hurting. Which, of course is to be expected. But the bone doesn't feel right in there. It seems more bulged out compared to the other one. It doesn't seem too swollen, but I've been icing it all day and right now have an ice pack strapped to it. I want any swelling down to be able to tell if I fractured it. I don't want to rush into the doc to find out there's too much swelling lol.
    But dang it's annoying. My arm is super weak and hurts to bend.

    Damn I swear I'm jinxed for life. I just can't get away from injuring myself. I would like a break.

    So anyways. Lets hope it's not broke or fractured. I don't want to be in a sling or cast. I haven't had to wear one since I was 10 and don't want that to change lol.

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